Pushkin in Africa — Pushkin

africans in russia

Russian sculptor Grigory Pototsky, below, presented a bust of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin to the Ambassador of Ghana at the Ghanaian embassy in Moscow. Why? Pushkin is a great son of Africa. He is the great-grandson of Abram Gannibal, an Ethiopian noble in the court of Peter the Great.


russian gypsy girl

Hip-Hop Dance Contest B-Boys

africans in russia

Here are some pics from the recent Made In Russia Battle 2009 hip-hop b-boy dance contest. Hip-hop with its roots in the 70’s black culture of New York City seemed a plausible draw for some of Moscow’s Africans. What I found among the Russians were two guys from France, two Brazilians, and a British DJ. It was an inclusive-style event with the master of ceremony making frequent shout-outs to the hip-hop universe, one world, one nation of all colors etc. Only once the Frenchmen heard chants of RO-SSI-YA RO-SSI-YA when things moved toward the final. In the us versus them dichotomy that gurgled up, they were the outsiders, the same Negroes as any Lumumba student.