Pushkin in Africa — Pushkin

africans in russia

Russian sculptor Grigory Pototsky, below, presented a bust of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin to the Ambassador of Ghana at the Ghanaian embassy in Moscow. Why? Pushkin is a great son of Africa. He is the great-grandson of Abram Gannibal, an Ethiopian noble in the court of Peter the Great.

African-Type Dolls

africans in russia

These hand crafted doll sculptures by Inga Butina (site seems to be inoperative) were recently for sale as objects of art at the Moscow Fine Art Fair in the Central House of Artists. From the artist’s statement:

“Hard times penetrate the soul with the sounds of African ethnicity.  Truth stiflingly weeps tears of  timelessness,  covered by the slime of a city indifferent to life, drowned in lamp-light and the wild dancing of black and white thoughts on vitality. And in the mixed song, the sky sings of childhood and the sensitivity hidden in the utmost feminine origins of boys’ creations in your name and image, that look upon the creations of the world.”

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